4 Best Music Converters for Windows PC Users

An audio converter refers to that software which can change one type of music file to another. It works by changing the extension of the file to you preferred choice. For example, it can change a mp3 file into wav, aac, or wma etc. There are some computer programs which support only one type of extension. Music file with some other extension will not play with those computer programs. It is there when the music converter comes into play.
So to enjoy the music in other formats which your media player will not be able to play, you will need to first convert it to a compatible format. Hence you will require a converter. Now there are a lot of great music converters in the market. Let us take a look at the best ones amongst those.

Xilisoft Audio Converter

It is an amazing audio converter which can not only convert audio to various formats, but it can also rip music and audio from a CD. You can convert an audio, change the bitrate or rip from a CD which just a few simple steps. It has an attractive user interface along with an intuitive layout due to which converting files on this software is quite easy as well as interesting. Other than this, it also has some other great features which include ability to extract audio from a video. It supports up to 18 audio file formats and can convert them in up to 16 formats.


It provides a combination of exceptional audio compatibility, ability to record audio from internet as well as a great and easy user interface. The best thing about this is that it is very quick in converting the format of the audio and does so without committing any sort of errors. You can convert multiple audio files at one also. One more attractive feature is its audio stream wizard. Through this, you can stream music from the internet, and then get guided in how to change its format in just three simple steps.


It is another great music converter which is really quick and can be easily afforded. The best thing about it is that it can not only convert audios into various different formats, but besides that, it can also convert the format of the videos. So, you get this multi-utility from single software. It gives you various options such as convert video, convert audio, convert video to mp3 or even rip the audio from CD. It supports most of the major formats of an audio file and can hence convert to almost all the formats. Also, just as the name states, it does a stellar job of conversion of audio files.


Out of all the other audio conversion software tools, Super is the most popular and finds the most users as well. It supports almost all types of audio formats that exist and it is way more than any other audio conversion software that you will come across. So if you want to convert an audio file into a format which isn't quite common, then Super audio converter is what you need. Besides this, it can also extract audio from other videos and convert them into a wide array of formats which it supports.

The Bottom Line

So we have seen that audio conversion is one very common thing that you might have to do quite often. So if you want to convert an audio file into any particular format, and then just download from SoundCloud or the music converter mentioned above and get the job done with ease.